Wednesday, June 24, 2009


© Nathan de Castro

When I died there was an Autumn sun
licking through the cracks of my room´s window.
A blue crow was playing an old cello
with no strings, with piano keys,
and with his croaked voice he quoted
some of the gorgeous poems
that had enchanted me in life.
Light was happily dancing on the boat´s cedar
and its hands had the fire of passion!
On the lover´s boat the Captain
was yelling his head off, "Storm ahoy"!
And in silent peacefulness,
with eyes of an enthralled mountain,
the sea told me, "Go Poet, Pirate of words,
dive in and rescue all the poems
you´ve lost throughout your trip."
A smiling seagull landed on the hatchway
and I woke up with a crazy desire
to take a walk around the Central Park.

Tradução para o inglês: Dalva Agne lynch


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